How to hide my old employees?

It is possible to deactivate employees who don't work any longer in your company. Log in into your customer webspace, click on "My company" and choose the screen "My employees" :

The list of your employees will appear. On the right, you can see a column "Status". To deactivate an employee, it is sufficient to click on the green button :



The employee won't appear any longer in your list. 

If he still has a balance he can use or he receives cheques from a new employer, this action won't have any influence on the use of his card. 

If you would like to reactivate this employee in the future, you can change the filter of the column "Status". Now, the deactivated employees will reappear. If you click on the same button you used to deactivate this employee, this inactive employee will become active once again. 

If you would place an order for an inactive employee, this employee will automatically be reactivated because of your order. 


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